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© 2019 by  Emily Kendall

Our Proposal

Your Wedding on Film

"It was June 2018, five days into our Colorado and Utah road trip. I'd risen early in order for us to catch the sunrise over Monument Valley. We'd decided not to do the popular valley drive and instead head out into the wilderness early to avoid the crowds and the heat of the sun. In my usual manner, I trod carefully, avoiding the snakes and scorpions that I had read about on the sign at the start! James marched ahead, GoPro's attached to his head and body in the usual fashion! 


Midway, we stopped to take in this incredible place. The silence, the vastness, the majesty. It was unreal.

Here, James decided to set up his GoPro gear to take a time-lapse. Me being my usual 'know-all' self told him it was pointless, nothing was moving not even the clouds! Luckily, I let him continue and stopped to photograph the incredible Mitten stack. I remember I was thinking about pizza, how I was going to enjoy a large slice when we got to the next stop, when James approached me. I turned around and he was on bended knee with a diamond ring!

I could not have imagined a more perfect proposal. Just me and him and nature" - Emily (soon to be Kendall!)

All our packages include a short film to enable you to relive the day again and again.

James uses a combination of GoPro cameras and Drones cameras to capture the day unfolding from land and sky!


Seeing the moments unravel from several different angles adds a different dimension to your memories. If you are eloping to a mountainside, the drone captures the two of you in scale against the majestic mountains behind. If your plan is an intimate party on a beach, watch the arrival of your friends from above, before zooming in on those classic dance moves.


By shooting destination and adventure weddings, we will be combining our skills and experience in outdoor photography with wedding photography (both of which we have many years of experience in!) However, destination weddings are a new area for us, so we are keen to build up our portfolio of images.

Because of this, we are offering to shoot out first few weddings or elopements FOR FREE! Yes that's right, we don't want a penny. So if you have a destination wedding, adventure wedding or elopement planned or just want to get in touch to see if we will be right for you, please do! Just think, the money you save can be used for another adventure :-)


We are offering to shoot our first few adventure weddings FOR FREE to build up our specialist portfolio. Yes FOR FREE! Just drop us a line and lets talk.

(This will be first-come first served, so don't delay in contacting us).